Cemetery Grave Sales in Hayward, CA

Family owned since 1984, California Cemetery Brokers provides families the lowest cost alternative to high cemetery prices. With California Cemetery Brokers families usually save thousands of dollars on cemetery grave sales.

Visit our listing pages on our pain site, select your cemetery of choice and note the location of the property you're interested in.

Call or email us for assistance, we'll be happy to answer your questions. If you are ready to purchase, our licensed agent will meet you at the cemetery for the sale and transfer of cemetery property.

Compare the cemetery price to our price. We're confident that you'll be pleased with the savings with our cemetery property resales.

Why hang on to unneeded cemetery property? We'll list and sell your grave, niche or mausoleum crypt for a fair price. We'll prepare all the needed paperwork and meet the prospective buyer at the cemetery, transfer ownership and send you a check once the sale is completed.

Celebrating Over 30 Years Of Service to The Bay Area Community

Owner Allan Hutty is a Licensed & Bonded Cemetery Broker

Please or email California Cemetery Brokers in the greater Hayward, CA and surrounding areas today! We are here to assist with any burial plots, grave sales or any other cemetery property services.

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